Note: Fax Services In order to ensure the most accurate collection of your registration information, AKC does not accept faxed recordings. If you have any questions regarding the form or application, please contact akc after-sales service at 919-233-9767 or by email at Below you will find my stud lease contract. Sometimes I might rent one of my men. 7. Payment 7.1 In exchange for renting the deck in question, the tenant agrees to pay $1000 for 6 months and can, if necessary, have an extension or $1500 for one year of rental and can have an extension if necessary. If you are unable to print the total number of pages indicated for a form or application, please contact the AKC Order Desk by email at or by phone at 919-233-9767 and we will gladly send you a copy. 5. Stud Dog Care, including Veterinary Care 5.1 It must have sufficient nutrition and water; have sufficient space corresponding to age, height, weight and breed and be placed in hygienic conditions.

5.2 He must remain as free of matte as possible and have circumcised the toenails. 5.3 He must take preventive medication and fleas during the term of the lease, at the expense of the tenant. 5.4 The deck may remain on your property and only go to pet care, maintenance and cover. 5.5 Upon its return, it must remain in the same or better condition. 5.6 If the stud dies under your care for any reason, either for any reason, including naturally, or if the dog escapes, loses or is stolen, the owner of the stud dog is immediately subject to a tax of USD 3500.00. The value of the coverage is 3500 00 USD, due within 30 days from the date of death, regardless of the reason. If you have not paid it, you acknowledge that we will go to small claims in the county and state where I lived, and you agree that you will live in my county and state. Payment is made by mail or through Wells Fargo. 5.7 You are responsible for maintenance and exercise during the term of the rental agreement.

5.8 This rental agreement serves as an authorization for the tenant to use veterinary services on behalf of the cover owner. The tenant is responsible for all veterinary care during the term of the lease. You have no right to repair, castrate or modify it in any way. If this happens for any reason, you owe $3500 to the owner of the cover for the bridge and it must always be returned to the owner of the cover. Nor do you have the right to have him euthanized for any reason. You have to contact me!! 5.9 In the event of a situation where the dog`s health is threatened, the tenant must make numerous reasonable attempts to contact the owner of the cover. As varied as the reasons for leasing are, the duration of leases and the associated costs are multiple. Normal rental prices are highly dependent on the breed of the, the family tree, the show-win record, the quality of the previously produced puppies and countless other qualities such as conformation, type, solidity, balance, general health and temperament. Make sure the contract clearly states the fee and the date on which the payment is to be due.

The payment can be set as a lump sum cash payment, as a smaller cash payment plus the second pickup of the litter, half of the scope or as another amount and type of compensation. Rental of the stud The tenant wishes to rent the following stud from the renter: Registered name: Call name: AKC #: DOB: Microchip # The monetary value of the deck deck is 3500.00USD $ 6. Humane Society/Animal Control/USDA/3rd Party 6.1 In the event that such an incident occurs, the tenant understands that you were only the temporary reference person for that dog and it is clear that this dog has only been rented and that I am the rightful owner, the dog must be returned to me as and in a state of culture. . . .