22.5 Copies of our privacy policy and credit reporting policies are available on request or visit www.coateshire.com.au. All property or items that must be moved by the tenant or that are requested by the tenant are carried out without any liability to Brooks Event Hire. The tenant undertakes to ensure that any website listed in the lease is free of any obstacles to allow Brooks Event Hire to build, install or place rental equipment safely. 5.1 You pay us for the rental of the equipment at the rental fee stipulated in the rental plan. The lease includes the entire agreement between the parties. The rental of the aircraft is not subject to additional conditions (including the conditions contained in an order you have delivered), unless the lease is amended in accordance with paragraph 28. 15.3 You are not required to pay the LTD waiver tax from the date you submit a monetary certificate for an appropriate insurance policy covering the loss, theft or deterioration of the aircraft during the rental period for an amount equal to or greater than the replacement value of the device (hereafter: your insurance). In order to avoid any doubt, you are required to pay the LTD waiver tax for the portion of the rental period if a foreign exchange certificate required by this clause 15.3 (“uninsured period”) is outstanding and you are not entitled to a credit and/or refund of the LTD waiver tax charged and/or paid in reference to the uninsured period. You are responsible for all excesses and other costs related to your insurance and you are responsible for any equipment repair or replacement deficit after payment of an amount that will be received as part of your insurance, including any losses we suffer because we cannot rent the device. Anyone who signs the documents for and on behalf of the tenant hereafter conjures up with the landlord that he or she has the power of the tenant to enter into the agreement on behalf of the tenant and is authorized by the tenant to bind the tenant to that agreement and frees the landlord from all losses and costs incurred by the landlord because the person who signed the agreement does not have that power and/or authority.