In addition to maintaining access to all the journals of this publishing house, the transformative agreement with Cambridge University Press also allows members (corresponding authors) of the University of Alicante to publish articles at no additional open access costs. These conditions will be maintained at the beginning until December 2023. This agreement includes 10 key magazines in the field of particle physics, in which researchers from the University of Alicante are not required to pay for the APC and can publish openly for free. They can also retain the copyright in their publications. All articles are published under CC-BY license. The funds paid so far by participating libraries for these subscriptions are now transferred to SCOAP3 to cover the publication costs, so that authors remain free of these fees. The agreement with MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) remains in force. It offers researchers from the University of Alicante a 10% discount on the publication rates of articles accepted in one of their journals. The publication of articles in Open Access not only increases the impact on the international academic community, it is also a requirement of research promotion organizations and a commitment to the universal dissemination of knowledge. In this context, the University of Alicante has concluded agreements through the University Library, which allow AU researchers to publish free of charge or with a discount on the Article Processing Fee (APC) of the following publishers: “Once completed, this RFCC-based complex will produce high-quality gasoline, diesel [and] kerosene that meet [Euro 5] specifications for the Nigerian market and the larger region.” said Abdul Samad Rabiu, Chief Executive Officer of BUA Group. In addition to Nigeria`s five existing refineries, including national petroleum corp.`s (NNPC) four Nigerian refineries, with a total capacity of 445,000 b/sd, and Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd.

(NDPR) 11,000 b/d refinery in the Ogbele field in Rivers State – said DPR that net exporter status of petroleum products will be achieved with the upcoming commissioning of waltersmith Petroman Oil Ltd.`s first phase of 7,000 b/sd. .