The calendar. Negotiations on trade agreements can take several years. In just over three and a half months, the United States will hold its presidential elections. As we saw in Obama`s transition to the Trump administration, trade negotiations can be interrupted. If Biden wins in November, will his government continue negotiations with Kenya? The strong support of all parties in Congress over four governments for programs in Africa indicates that there will be continuity in this initiative. Another challenge is that the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) – the law that sets the parameters for consultation between the government and Congress and guarantees a vote on the final agreement – expires in July 2021. In the absence of the PA, the final implementation law could be amended by Congress, which could unravel it. Another possible complication is that President Kenyatta`s second term will end in 2022. He sees the free trade agreement as a inherited burden of the past.

Will it be completed by then? And then there`s the reality of COVID-19. Shortly after the first round of virtual negotiations, the Kenyan government suspended trade negotiations due to concerns that its negotiators would be exposed to coronavirus. The discussions between Kenya and the United States on a free trade agreement are yet another sign of an improvement in the competitiveness of U.S. businesses in one of the continent`s most dynamic economies and regions. They also pave the way for Kenyan companies to build on AGOA`s successes, while ensuring commercial benefits such as market access beyond 2025. In concluding this agreement, the United States will send a strong signal that it is serious about the importance of Africa, its people and its long-term prosperity. Related Content Africa in Focus The ABC Triangle: AfCFTA, Brexit and COVID-19 to work for Africa Chuku Chuku Tuesday 30 June 2020 Africa focuses on trade in uncertain times: prioritizing regional value chains to accelerate Economic Development in East Africa Andrew Mold and Anthony Mveyange Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Africa will focus on governance in Africa the conditions of competition for U.S. trade cooperation with the Witney region , January 28, 2020 U.S. leaders called on President Trump to oppose the export of more plastic waste to Africa after an investigation by Unearthed and the New York Times revealed attempts by the oil industry to influence a trade agreement between the United States and Kenya. In a letter published after the front-page investigation of the New York Times, a Republican and 61… The United States has warned Kenya against any manipulation of the shilling against the dollar during ongoing discussions on a bilateral trade pact.

The United States is committed to Kenya influencing market forces under the Shilling exchange rate trade agreement against the dollar. This precondition of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) reflects the previous claims of the… Both sides have described what they want to achieve in the negotiations. The objectives of the United States are predictable and comprehensive. USTR has identified 24 chapters it intends to negotiate on, including technical barriers to trade, intellectual property, digital trade, anti-corruption, best regulatory practices and subsidies. The declaration of Kenya`s objectives is equally staggering, even if it is not as detailed. The Department of Industrialization, Trade and Business Development has identified 22 chapters it intends to negotiate with the United States. The diagrams below provide a comprehensive background of background data on current trade between Kenya and the United States; followed by a selection of recent international updates and documents on the subject. Given the persistence of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the first round of negotiations is virtually conducted with the United States.