The lawyer receives limited powers as a special mandate to rent the property, collect the rent and also choose the person to whom the property is to be leased. Property Registration Proregulatory Lease Agreement A special proxy has an advantage over a general power of attorney if your intention is limited to the pure rental of the property. The rights granted to the lawyer are clearly defined, including roles at the beginning of the tenancy agreement to those, such as rent recovery. However, if you are considering options such as selling your property or leasing, it is recommended that you opt for a general mandate. The detailed description of the task is then mentioned by counsel. These tasks may include: anyone wishing to appoint a special power of attorney to lease all or part of their residential or commercial real estate throughout India, collect the rent and choose the part that leases the property; This special proxy document is for the appointment of a lawyer to rent a property in the owner`s name. Both powers are used to designate an agent acting on behalf of the client. However, they differ in the nature of the powers granted. A general power is used to give the officer broad powers to settle the client`s affairs. On the other hand, a special rental power is used exclusively to give the broker the power to lease the property on behalf of the client.

All that is needed of your end is to identify the trusted person who can be your relative or friend as your lawyer, and we will help you go further. Our legal team prepares your proxy document, taking into account your specific requirements, in order to protect your interests. The rights granted are limited on the basis of your discretion. If your property is empty due to a tenant`s lack of a tenant, the best solution would be it Special Attorney Attorney For Lease Of Property. For broader requirements, you can also consider a general power of attorney for your property. If your home was rented while you were in town, you can also proceed with Special Attorney for rent recovery. In many cases, most non-resident Indians may own real estate in India – or real estate.