If there is a clause in the tenancy agreement that the tenant can terminate the tenancy agreement by prior written notification, the tenant`s termination letter can be sent to the landlord for the termination of the tenancy agreement. If a tenant is found guilty of certain illegal, immoral, anti-social or anti-national activities, terrorist activities, storage of explosives or drugs in premises or criminal activities of any kind, the owner has the right to terminate the contract. If a tenant rents or does not pay rent or deposit on time or if the tenant repeatedly delays payment, the tenant can terminate the tenancy agreement. It is advised that the landlord should take a serious note of the following points and design a tenancy agreement with strict rules for tenants so that it is easier for the landlord to distribute the tenant, if the situation occurs, if the tenant has not paid, sublet the premises without the owner`s consent, damages the property use the premises for illegal purposes, etc. Use our termination letter to terminate a lease. … Defendant against the complainant in 1986. The lease of these premises expired on July 7, 1996. A termination of the lease of July 5, 1996 was served by the respondent at appella… These premises are then 8,000 points per day.

The complainant did not evacuate the premises, even after the notice.3 In 2002… The interest is to retain possession of the appeal rooms for as long as possible, because the last rent paid at the time of notification of the termination of the lease is less than Rs. 10… …. (iii) Any person operating in a premises facility should not be treated solely on the basis of notice and notice or declared detained as an unauthorized detainee,… the complainant issued a notice of termination to terminate the monthly lease and asked ramakrishna Pillai to evacuate the premises.