Licensee has a worldwide license to distribute, advertise, and market the Software covered by this Software Distribution Agreement. From a legal point of view, however, it is essential to distinguish between a reseller and a sales representative. Although some resellers work with commissions where the software developer gives the agreement with the end user and gives compensation to the reseller, the main difference is that the resellers are completely separate from the developers. In addition to these issues, software reseller agreements are designed to protect both parties from legal issues that may result in more serious consequences, such as: This agreement cannot be renewed beyond the expiration date without the written consent of both parties. The further you get out of the reseller software contract, the better. If you are the one who needs to help end users install the software, provide training, and offer additional services, you should be aware of this from the beginning. Licensor retains all ownership of all intellectual property in connection with the Software to be distributed. This also applies to all upgrades, icons, images, and materials copyrighted under this Software Distribution Agreement. Unfortunately, the resale of software, like any type of investment, is not a foolproof concept. With the good parts come the bad ones, and in the white label resale business, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Unclear property rights, missed deadlines, and ill-defined requirements can turn any business into a disaster.

When a distributor negotiates a contract with the developer, it must try to enter into an agreement, either with exclusive rights to sell the software in a particular market, e.B. in a particular state, country or even worldwide. Exclusive rights are not easy to obtain, as they usually depend on the sole discretion of the developer. Distribution agreements are widely used in the business world because they allow third parties, called distributors or licensees, to sell a developer`s product to consumers. Software distribution agreements explicitly allow distributors to market and sell the developer`s software to end users. A software distribution agreement defines the rights and obligations of the developer and distributor in order to avoid future disputes. Software distribution agreements are necessary for distributors to know how and where to distribute a developer`s software and for developers to define their relationship with distributors. Find out what`s in a solid software distribution agreement. While this seems like common sense, there are vendors that don`t identify it in reseller software contracts, so resellers deal with dissatisfied customers and try to solve software problems themselves. However, exclusivity agreements do not mean that you are the only one authorized to sell the software.

In most cases, they are defined geographically, which means that an individual reseller has the right to resell to a specific market, e.B. in the United States. In this case, other resellers are free to advertise the same product to end users in Europe. .